Accommodating and compromising

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Master negotiators know how to use their primary negotiation style to their advantage and when it’s beneficial to introduce the others.Read on to learn about the common characteristics of the five negotiation styles, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We tend to shy away from conflict because we think it is the nice thing to do for the other person.Yet in many instances avoiding conflict breeds contention, and does not respect the other person’s needs or interests. Is it kinder to not tell someone if they are doing bad and have them be fired, without knowing how they could have tried to improve?To help navigate when it is best to deal with conflict, this post will describe five conflict management techniques and their implications. Conflict Management Techniques The chart below shows the five conflict management styles. Thompson also offers one rule of thumb, “How important is the issue? ” Forcing is an assertive and uncooperative technique.These include forcing, avoiding, compromising, accommodating, and collaborating. On the vertical axis, there is unassertive techniques that include avoiding and accommodating, and there are assertive techniques that include forcing and collaborating. To use forcing, one uses their formal authority, coercion, or bullying to get their way. Individuals bring sets of experiences, skills, and tools that affect the way they interact with others, both at home and in the workplace.

If the second negotiator is also competitive, having another competitive negotiator on your team will be able to counter-balance their aggression.

Their desire for success motivates them, though the process of negotiation can blind them to potentially harmful impacts.

Competitive negotiators use all tools possible to boost their negotiation success, including: A competitive negotiation style is beneficial when you need to reach a short-term agreement quickly.

The drawbacks are that it is disempowering for the other party.

Avoiding is an unassertive and an uncooperative technique.

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