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Accommodatingladies com

Which is how we found ourselves at Sushi Samba, STK and brunch at Bouchon. I ate at all of these restaurants and I was only in Vegas for about 24 hours. Sushi Samba Even though I used to cruise by it all the time, I never dined at Sushi Samba when I lived in New York.

I happily got my gluten-free eat on at these restaurants, and all of them were ah-mah-zing. I’m now wishing I could go back in time and remedy that situation because it was super fun times.

Also he did this thing where I got two small bowls of salads instead of one. Bouchon If you’ve been reading my blog over the past few months you’ll know I’m having a love affair with Thomas Keller’s gluten-free flour, Cup4Cup.

Which is why I was super excited to hit his Vegas eatery for brunch, even though I was basically guaranteed to be left drooling over all of the pastries that I cannot eat.

By contrast, Persia and the empires which preceded it were powerful but not articulate; the Jews were articulate but not powerful.

This gives the volume a coherence which its predecessors and immediate successors lack.

) but with aji amarillo-key lime mayo, which meant I didn’t even the devil soy sauce for dipping and instead could enjoy the gluten-free accoutrement without fear. They totally had wheat-free tamari ready to go as well.

As if that didn’t make me happy enough, I stole coconut rice from my dining neighbor and I wish I’d ordered five bowls of that lusciousness for lunch. STK If you’ve ever thought, hey, I really want to enjoy my high-end dinner while right in the middle of a Vegas nightclub, STK is the spot for you.

THE CAMBRIDGE ANCIENT HISTORY V THE FIFTH CENTURY B. THE CAMBRIDGE ANCIENT HISTORY SECOND EDITION VOLUME V The Fifth Century b.c. First published 1992 Fifth printing 2006 Printed in the United Kingdom at the University Press, Cambridge A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library Library of Congress Card no. Rhodes, Professor of Ancient History in the University of Durham I The foundation of the League 54 11 The early history of the League 40 hi The ambitions of the Athenian democrats 49 iv The mid-century crisis 54 4 The Athenian revolution 62 by P. RHODES i Athens after the Persian Wars 62 II The reform of the Areopagus 67 hi Periclean democracy 77 iv The impact of Athenian democracy 87 5 Mainland Greece, 479-45 1 b . 212 28 The ‘Prison of Socrates’, south west of the Agora, Athens, reconstruction by J. Jones 214 29 Restoration of the fafade of the Stoa of Zeus, Athens 21 5 30 Plan of the Acropolis, Athens 216 31 The temple by the Ilissus at Athens 219 x Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 TEXT-FIGURES xi 32 Festival at a pillar image of Dionysus from an Attic red-figure stamnos by the Dinos Painter, about 420 B. 253 33 Attic red-figure chous, late fifth century b.c.

Some of the coherence arises from the nature of our sources, which make an Athenian standpoint hard to avoid.

That point was noticed by Sallust in the first century b.c.: As I reckon it, the actions of the Athenians were indeed vast and magnificent, but rather less substantial than report makes them.

75-85719 isbn o 521 23347 x (hardback) SE Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 CONTENTS List of maps page ix List of text-figures x Preface xiii 1 Sources, chronology, method i by d. lewis, Professor of Ancient History in the University of Oxford 2 Greece after the Persian Wars 1 5 by ]. Davies, Rath bone Professor of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology in the University of Liverpool 3 The Delian League to 449 b.c. 254 34 Kratenskos from Brauron 257 3 5 Lead puppet in a box, from the Ceramicus cemetery, Athens 267 36 Satyr player from an Attic red-figure cup by Makron, about 490 b . 271 37 Clay figure of a comic actor 283 38 Plan of Pylos— Sphacteria 415 39 Bronze shield captured from the Spartans by the Athenians at Pylos and dedicated in the Stoa Poikile at Athens 419 40 Plan of Syracuse 454 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 PREFACE This volume is unlike any which has preceded it.

223 11 The religious character of the games 226 in The order and development of the festivals 229 iv The athletes: background and careers 232 v Poets and patrons 237 vi The poems 239 vii Aftermath 243 8e Athenian cults and festivals 245 by Walter burkert, Professor of Classical Philology, University of Zurich 1 Continuity and change 245 11 Note on the sources 248 in The cycle of the year 249 iv Polis religion: cults defining identity 256 v Divination 262 vi The Mysteries 264 vn Private piety 265 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 CONTENTS Vll 8 f Athenian religion and literature 268 by b. 194 18 Plan of the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, early fifth century b.c^.

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The events themselves certainly do have great intrinsic interest.

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