Amsterdam dating culture a 23 and 37 year old dating

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Amsterdam dating culture

Friends commonly give each other three kisses on the cheek as a form of greeting.Keeping it Casual Dutch people are hardly renowned for over-dressing.The Dutch are not also touchy on the first date, but direct eye contact is a common norm.Having someone stare at you directly might either be sexy or intimidating, and you should brace yourself for the Dutch level of intimacy.

Dating apps are the norm, and more often than not, first dates are organized on online forums.

It is not uncommon to go out with people who cut out flirting altogether and just state their intentions.

Your outlandish compliments can, therefore, be perceived as fake and attract the opposite of the intentions you intended them to.

If you are new to Amsterdam, the level of honesty might disarm you a little, but you will get used to the efficient Dutch way of doing things.

Flirting and Compliments Dutch men and women do not make a habit of sugarcoating anything and do not expect any half-fake compliments.

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Dutch women see it as a sign of equality, and you should, therefore, counter your expectations when it comes to men in the Netherlands.