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it23 Jan 5 - 19 1968: Other Scenes by John Wilcock, interview with Henry Irving- described as 'English Pornographer', Perfumed Garden - page feature by John Peel ; 1850 BC. Apple talent Ad (a John Lennon Drawing) -Quarter Page.

by John Michell - Britain in Megalithic times as the spiritual centre of the world..; centre page-poster as full-page illustration associating the coming of the Millennium with the coming of the Messiah; pic of Country Joe & the Fish & Jimi Hendrix in concert at the Roundhouse & Olympia; review of The Doors Strange Days album; soundtrack of Ian Sommervilles film on William Burroughs & Brion Gysins 'Cut Ups'; cartoon strip - 'Astounding Adventures of Ron Wetlegge', manifesto of Sinclair Eustace (parliamentary candidate), The British State: an outline of necessary reforms; Advance notice of a free university for London, and a visit by Captain Beefheart; Announcement First European Pop Festival Rome; Henry Irving Pornographer; 1850 B. by John Mitchell; - 16 pp Proper recognition of being is wonderment / international wonderment/congress of the fourth age/ideas are moving around/Marxism is not an ism...a wasm / Interstellar Times witnesses/assaults Eternity/Grace is dancing through dust with the irrevocable mad/International Times/knowing and knowing there is nothing to know/rise and flourish for all your worth (it is all your worth) / shine, radiate joy, bliss and whoopee vibrations/paradise feels like the radiance released by a radiant person/the Daily Press is largely responsible for the dreary events they describe/the economic pre-requisite of an ideology/explains its material basis but not its irrational core/all evidence is finally sensory/friendly is to be nice to all in your life.it24 Jan 19 - Feb 1 1968: fold-out refracted cover of IT girl; The Menacing Eye by Jeff Nuttall 2 pages of supreme autobiographical rant; Guest Editorial Phil Parsons; Cuba, Belgium, Paris round-ups; Interview with Fritz Teufel; Berlin round-up; Rare Interview with Roy Lichtenstein; John Peel's Perfumed Garden; Alex Gross; Londons Anti-University announces courses; Gary Snyder; KNOKKE - Experimental Film Festival report from Belgium; Unicorn Bookshop raided; Folk Festival at Royal Albert Hall, The Watersons / Incredible String Band / Al Stewart/ Roy Harper... Reviews of the United States of America (band), Mick Farrens Social Deviants; Inter-Actions Ambiance lunch-hour theatre; Hermine Demoriane Paris report; Mothers of Invention; Small Faces; John Coltrane; Miles Davis; The Nice "America"(half page ad - members holding children with the faces of John and Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King); SOMA and Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park by Steve Abrams; Incredible String Band in The Albert Hall on the Saturday followed by Morning Raga on Sunday Morning...

; Nemo, Science and Non-Science.; to whom it concerns big set of quotations from Buckminster Fuller, J. Ads: Middle Earth Club, Granny Takes A Trip Boutique, Kleptomania Boutique, "Vacuum Cleaner" by Tintern Abbey...." Picture of the Rolling Stones in Nazi uniforms; The General System of Man/Universe Relationship; Ad for Sean Phillips at Arts Lab; Ad for Fairport Convention, Crystal Ship, Jacobs Ladder Construction Co., John Peel; Danny Lane's Electric String Band, Alexis Korner, Pegasus, Jeff Dexter, Pretty Things, Chris Mc Gregor Sextet and The Electric Prunes on various dates at Middle Earth; Ad for Ilene Astrahan at Arts Lab. 20pp it22.5 New Year 1968: This issue conceived by Mal Dean. Rex, Hapshash & Coat, John Peel; - 16 pp.it32 May 31 - June 13 1968: Paris Free issue! Other activity (Board of Trustees.): Jim Haynes / Jack Henry Moore / Michael Henshaw / Miles / Bill Levyit33 June 14 - 27: Front and rear page open into poster illustration- Flight of The Bethlehem Star: A Space Poem Revealed by Michael English; Aleister Crowley The Golden Dawn by Kenneth Grant; The Constant Flux news from around the world; Guerilla Pop by Mick Farren (The Deviants..); article by Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine; Whos Afraid of Icarus?Published by Lovebooks Ltd: 102 Southampton Row, London WC2 Editor: Tom Mc Grath; Assistant Editor: David Z Mairowitz; Production: John Hopkins; Distribution: Roger Whelan; Advertising: Suzanne Cahn; Man-at-Large: Jack Henry Moore Editorial Board: Jim Haynes, Michael Henshaw, John Hopkins, Tom Mc Grath, Jack H Mooreit1 Oct 14 - 27 1966: Death of Andre Breton obituary by Jean-Jaques Lebel; Yoko Onos Unfinished Paintings and Objects notice for show at Indica Gallery, 102 Southampton Row (where she met John Lennon etc.); Adrian Mitchell poem- Make or Break written for Royal Shakespeare Companys production of US, a play about Vietnam, with Glenda Jackson; Report on the Warsaw International Festival of Music & portrait of Penderecki; Bob Cobbings Group H exhibition; Destruction In Art Symposium (DIAS) Two views of DIAS - Jay Landesman and Tony Cox; a review of She Woman as Cathedral, a ninety-foot-long woman built by Nikki de Saint Phsille, Jean Tinguely and Olof Ultvedt in the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art; for Indica Gallery; Simon Vinkenoog on Provo in Amsterdam; report on Timothy Learys Spiritual Stage show from Bubu in New York; China: by Alex Gross; Alone in Swinging London - cartoon strip featuring Clifton de Berry [who later became Seedy Bee] & Vera Groin in Glorious Sphinctovision, by Jeff Nuttall; Peter Ashers pop column Pop.. Ouch by Millionaire includes a report of a Rolling Stones concert at the Albert Hall; LSD; Dope prices; Whats Happening listings reveal Pink Floyd Mix Media Show at the London Free School, All Saints Hall; Bert Jansch at St.Pancras Town Hall; Roland Kirk at Ronnie Scotts; Karma boutique opens; - 1s; 12ppit2 Oct 31 Nov 13 1966: Yoko Ono; Report on the IT launch party at The Roundhouse - Pink Floyd / Soft Machine / Paul Mc Cartney etc; Ezra Pounds unpublished wartime broadcasts on Radio Rome containing his highly controversial views. Broadside sheet featuring the text of "The Invisible Generation", and a photograph by Antony Balch of William Burroughs on the telephone. Huff; Jean Jaques Lebel: French Letter.it6 16 - : William Burroughs "The Invisible Generation (Continued)", the second appearance of this text (following the IT poster half-issue no.5.5).; Norman Mailer on Vietnam War ; Allen Ginsberg; Cerebral Cortex.-12pp it5 Dec 12 25th 1966: Message to the Queen; Interview with Claus Oldenburg: London: male city; Little Richard performance, Pink Floyd and Move reviews; Jim Dine: Indecent but not obscene...; Tom Mc Grath writes about being arrested for trying to steal the Crown Jewels; John Wilcocks Others Seens [sic]. Pete Townsend interview - two pages; Jeff Nuttall comic strip; report on race in Cuba; Alan Ginsberg feature 'Reflections on the Mantra'; Gary Snyder feature 'Buddhism and the Coming Revolution'; The Diggers Mystique; Censorship; where the new 'underground' is going and what its priorities should be......; John Wilcocks report on a San Francisco Love-In.; Tom Mc Grath on Junk and drug-related matters; Tom Mc Grath writes about Racism in Cuba; Raymond Durgnat, rave or stiff upper lip; Alex Gross on Sex Supermarket in Germany; C. Traill-Hill on of human bondage about corruption; A newly developing eastern- inspired counter-culture art emerging.- 16ppit9 Feb 27 - Mar 12 1967: Front cover illustration is by Michael English.

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the East Village Scene and Ed Sanders/ Fugs / Grateful Dead, Tompkins Park Square; Timothy Leary in Millbrook; Exploding Galaxy; David Medela; next week IT will publish a half issue for the Rolling Stones; Letters: Pete Fryer / Suzie Creamcheese ; Running Man Books; Jeff Nuttall strip; CYN' - 'IT Girl' centre page pin-up (Coke can..); Middle East situation; half-page ad for Indica Books; letters from Anton Artaud to Anais Nin; Arthur Brown at UFO club; Social Deviants at Happening 44 ad; Diggers in London; John Lee Hooker interviewed by Maxin Zwemmer, (he says Bob Dylan has no soul) it17 July 28 - Aug 13 1967: Original issue: Time Is On Our Side - following the Stones bust; Allen Ginsberg cover, chanting mantras at Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park; Rolling Stones Bust - Richards, Jagger, Robert Fraser arrest; Interview with Michael Abdul Malik( Michael X) by Richard Alpert; Dialectics Of Liberation conference / event; Objections to the Third World (there should be one); Alexander Trocchi - "Junkie to the Queen"; John Furnival concrete poem; review of The People Show, UFO Club; Exploding Galaxy and The Arts Lab; Kleptomania; Yoko Ono Bottom film No. International times is a fact of life*woven in order as cords on a loom*all astute men can see IT encircling, with splendour to trace out and bind together with the sun under it all as lacquer in sunlight*to unscrew the inscrutable***If you mind your own business they (the phonies) will fade out before they have to be druv**Get rid of flimsy foundations Of heaven earth and things without shadows***cut the cackle* and do not believe em* IT observes the weather, hears thunder seeks to include, free from all possessiveness in affections* Keep mind on the root..*Take care of the body as an implement; it is useful*to shield you from floods**and rascality*shallow prides spend their time slanting rumours keeping things off center and blabber-mouth**Courage only comes*when one knows to what extent, courage is universal*the participant is the best observer*what is worth knowing cannot be taught**Let the phallus perceive its aim***Looking at the sky is leading us to new patterns of thought::: Approaching AD., A.