Backdating a file using touch

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Backdating a file using touch

Fillo is an Excel API for Java and you can query xls & xlsx files.

Now, it supports SELECT, UPDATE & INSERT queries with or without WHERE clause.

This makes us to touch files using a timestamp in the past (compared to the OS clock). This commit improves the touch API by also allowing posix times in `File.touch/2` and also document its defaults.

Your VM is not supposed to be under time warped mode under regular situations. -- *José Valim* Skype: Founder and Director of R&D :erlang.system_info(:os_monotonic_time_source) :erlang.system_info(:os_system_time_source) :erlang.system_info(:time_offset) :erlang.system_info(:time_warp_mode) :erlang.system_info(:time_correction) :erlang.system_info(:start_time) :erlang.system_info(:end_time) Right, at this point it is cleat that this is not an Elixir issue and we need to understand why the VM is immediately entering into time correction. Point is that the tarballs and the build tree are used in different ways: - The tarballs (inside or outside files) in the public repository serve to provide the files to the end users in a way which causes the least operational issues.For example, files in /usr/share should have the same binary contents and the same timestamps across architectures, and thus across buildds.At the same time, make will still see the files in debian/foo with the timestamps make expects, and will thus not redo most of the copies and compilations, as it would if the actual files had been backdated with touch.This speeds up some complex package builds on the buildds, and much more importantly speeds up local builds on the maintainer's own machine.

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After changing the file from the editor and recompiling, this can happen over again.

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