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Backdoors dating sites

Though, as you will see later, it’s a justified fondness.

Anyway, this hypothesis on the GINSU-BULDOZER combo is bound to have subtle inaccuracies because I have no sample of the malware combo to back-up my assertions.

Despite that BULLDOZER is a hardware, I still use the word “malware” when referring to it because it’s a malicious hardware.

Perhaps the term “malware” should refer to both malicious software and malicious hardware, instead of referring only to the former.

Figure 1 shows BULLDOZER hardware implanted in one of the machines in the target network.

The NSA Remote Operation Center (ROC) communicates via OMNIGAT with the exploited machine through an unspecified wireless network.

I’m very open to constructive criticism in this regard.

Figure 1 shows the deployment of GINSU and BULLDOZER in the target network.The presence of BULLDOZER is very hard to detect, even with the most sophisticated anti malware tool during its possible deployment timeframe.As for GINSU, we will look into GINSU in detail in the next installment of this series.The NSA ANT Server document—leaked by Edward Snowden—describes BULLDOZER briefly.This article presents an analysis on BULLDOZER based on technical implications of the information provided by the NSA document.

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Think of 2009, and Tadhg Kennelly smashing into an unsuspecting Nicholas Murphy; think of 1978, and Mikey Sheehy with that mischievous lob, leaving Paddy Cullen in both a state of animation and disbelief.

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