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Badoo dating girls colombia 45 4689

This was confirmed by friends from Cali who have gone there. It was during this bus trip that I had the misfortune of experiencing Colombian time for the first time.

The bus ticket vendor at Santa Marta told me that the trip would take something around 4 hours from what I remember. Also, the bus driver was insane - this is something that may be common across all of Colombia with buses.

First, I'll talk briefly about my impressions of each place.

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I actually went there, but didn't see anything that made me want to stay. Within hours of landing at the airport in the morning and having explored the city, my buddy and I made plans to go to Cartagena.

Back in 2009, I learned that tourists from other countries to Santa Marta were rare, which is why people kept staring at me and my buddy.

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As I arrived on a weekday (from what I remember), the nightlife was completely dead.

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