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Bases and dating langen

Ferdinand, son of Sancho the Elder (or the Great), of Navarre, married Sancha, sister of Bermudo III, of Leon, and received the title of King of Castile, and when, the war being renewed, Bermudo was slain at the battle of Tamar n, the united crowns of Leon and Castile became the possession of Ferdinand I.

From that time the hegemony which Leon had enjoyed began to pass to Castile.

Froilan (900-05), who was followed by Cixila and Frunimius II.(THE DIOCESE AND CIVIL PROVINCE OF LEON) Probably before the time of Trajan, the Romans founded in the Asturias, in the neighborhood of the ancient Lancia, a military colony to which they gave the name of Legio Septima Gemina . legionem ) was formed, in accordance with the nature of the Romance-Castilian language, the name León , and the identity of this name with that of the king of beasts ( león , from leo , acc.leonem ) perhaps explains how, by what in German is called a Volksetimologie , the lion came to be considered the heraldic cognizance of the city and province of this name, and even of the whole Spanish people.Juan Bautista, by the Velas, a party of Castilian nobles, exiles from their own country, who had taken refuge in Leon.Leon and Navarre disputed the succession to the Countship of Castile thus left vacant.

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