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Bob Jones University (BJU) is a conservative, Christian arts college in Greenville, South Carolina that was founded in 1927. Bob Jones III assumed the responsibilities of president. Stephen Jones was installed as the fourth-generation president during commencement in 2005. The University did not enroll Africans or African-American students until 1971.Although the founder, Bob Jones Sr., was a Methodist, the school has over time been more affiliated with the Independent Baptist movement, due to similar viewpoints on religious and moral issues. The University has litigated its racial policies to the U. From 1971 to 1975, BJU admitted only married black students.For the first time in the school’s history, Bob Jones University observed Martin Luther King Jr. That’s a pretty big deal for a fundamentalist Christian school that didn’t even accept black students until the 1970s and banned interracial dating until as recently as 2000 because “it breaks down the barriers God has established.” To be sure, they didn’t exactly “celebrate” anything today. Jeffrey Hoffman, the Executive Director of BJUnity (an LGBT-affirming group for BJU alumni and students), said this is a big deal for the campus even if it may not seem like much outside that bubble.They just closed the campus, which is a small way of acknowledging the federal holiday. When I was growing up at BJU, there was not a single name mentioned, when it was mentioned, with more revulsion than the name of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Billy Graham also attended Bob Jones University, although he graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois. Another alumnus is the prolific hymn writer and composer Ron Hamilton, the creator of the Patch the Pirate Adventures, geared toward reaching children for Jesus Christ.I know they hate when we draw parallels, but Christian schools across the country say the same thing about homosexual relationships now.How long will it be before most Christians are as ashamed of their current stance on gay rights as they are looking at that handbook with the interracial ban?In his first meeting with the university’s Cabinet, Pettit said he believed it was appropriate for BJU to seek its tax-exempt status because the university doesn’t believe the positions it once held about race.Pettit called the university’s racist policies a social issue that was not biblical.

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