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Chat without java

After this connection is established, all communication happens over the Web Socket and the HTTP protocol is no longer used.This article does a very good job of explaining the details of how Web Sockets work.The value returned from the method is serialized to JSON and sent to the specified destination.In our case, we define the response message as follows.If you like sending SMS text messages from your Java ME tech-enabled mobile phone without having to pay carrier charges, then Whats App Messenger is for you.See: Don't pay, Use Java ME Whats App Here's a quote: Free Whats App Messenger Download For S40 Java Phone now Available.One shortcoming of the Spring Framework Guide is that no information is presented on implementing a Java/Spring Client to communicate with the server. As you will see, the implementation requires correct incantations to get it working just right.With the prerequisites out of the way, it is time to implement the chat server.

The source code for the server that we are oing to implement is available on Git available with Spring Framework Messaging to register the method as a message listener.For our simple chat server, the response echoes the message received from client and adds a couple of fields.Another example would be a Stock Trading application where the server sends stock price variations to subscribed clients without an explicit client request.A Web Socket is a communication channel which uses TCP as the underlying protocol.

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Note that the input message field A sample web application written in HTML and Javascript is included in the code – it implements a simple front-end for the chat application. The application uses the Socks JS library for dealing with the Web Socket connection, and the stomp-websocket library for the STOMP support.