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Here is just a sampling of a few numbers that have been marked vacation or prize scammers: A major red flag to watch out for with these free trip phone scams is if they ask you to first pay a small fee in order to collect your prize.

He said there has been malicious software on our laptop for awhile now and if she doesn't give him the information he needed to "help us" our computer would be destroyed and they would find our address.

Caller Smart's caller ID app has instructions on how to file a complaint and get yourself on the FTC Do Not Call List.

Equally annoying to loan scammers, but a bit more discouraging because of the threats they can make, phone debt collectors can be a serious problem.

When it comes to activities, most peope think first of water-borne activities.

Longwood, FL 32750 Fax: (407) 774-6151 Email: dmca [at] adultwebmasternet [dot] com Please do not send other inquires or information to our Designated Agent.To claim your reward..." Chances are, like most things, this is too good to be true.Sadly, some people feel they have nothing better to do than pose as fake charities and scam people out of money.The free prize, Disney trip, Caribbean cruise, dream vacation, etc.What you've won might change, but the scammers still want the same thing: your personal info and money.

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