Chatingfor sex

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Chatingfor sex

’ Because I’m a complete liability after a few drink, because nobody fancies me or because I choose to be. Sure, I live in central London and would tick the ‘attractive’ box on a dating profile, but with the popularity of online dating as it is, you’d have to look like Jeremy Corbyn in drag and live in the outer Hebrides to not be able to bag at least one date a month these days.One of the above statements is true (Ok, maybe two – clue, s**t loads of people fancy me) but, try as they may, people still find it hard to grasp that a person would be single through choice. ‘He’s not that bad, nobody’s perfect, at least I’ve got a boyfriend, it’s better than being … Being single, not only gives me the clichéd freedom us selfish spinsters are known for embracing with such vigour (how we laughed as we sipped our cocktails on our last-minute girls weekend in Ibiza) but it is also confirmation that I am confident and happy enough to choose being alone over settling for a mediocre relationship, or staying in a bad one, for the sake of it.Some might argue, in fact, that ghosting after five days chatting on a dating app isn’t ghosting, as you don’t really owe someone a breakup if you’ve only chatting for a few days. If you’ve exchanged a few heys and byes before they disappear without a trace, it’s not really an issue.If you’ve had a whirlwind messaging romance and then they ditch you five days in, that’s a bit rubbish. I was getting hungry, but our conversation lingered on. I was concerned she would think I was overreacting, or worse, she would mention this to someone else. I sometimes think back and ask myself if I should have done something.

Thankfully, there are ways to protect your sweet, vulnerable self from the horror of being ghosted.

If you’re in the first five days of chatting, it might be wise to hold back on dreaming of your wedding, so you’re not crushed if they ghost you during this time.

If you’re still messaging after five days, the likelihood that you’re going to be ghosted has dropped, so you can relax a little and let your guard down.

Apparently, our friend Betsy thinks the way to “solve” these sexual assault claims is through monitored mediation between the the victim and the accused (um, what?

), because women want to have lengthy conversations with their perpetrators to “hash out” their differences.

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