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Applicants were required to be British subjects of pure European origin, who had served in any officially recognised imperial service unit in the war.

Leaders such as Jomo Kenyatta and Harry Thuku highlighted a view of an unjust political and social situation for the vast majority of Kenyans.The land laws were so favourable to settlers that they were described as the most liberal in the world.During the First World War, many more South Africans arrived in East Africa as part of the campaign against German East Africa and stayed to work in Kenya's service economy.The initial driving force lay with pioneering businessmen, such as Carl Peters and William Mackinnon seeking to establish lucrative trade routes in the region.These businessmen would compel their respective governments to protect their trading interests, and in 1885 eastern Africa was carved-up between Britain, Germany and France.

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By 1915, the government was offering 999 year leases to encourage settlement as well as exemptions from land tax.