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Certainly, an agnostic or atheist can live by and witness Christian values.

If she is deeply grounded in her faith, your Catholic friend is the one who suffers the most loss…and potentially the children, because even if you allow her to speak of faith issues, she knows she must be careful not to exasperate and thereby cause relationship issues. It's true I don't believe that it's sinful to use birth control, but if I were married to someone who were, I'm perfectly satisfied to abstain from sex unless we were ok with having children.

Pray for your loved one to hear God’s call and then have the will to respond with courage when he is called.

Being called to the Faith isn’t something that you can will upon someone else. Dating a non-Catholic can spur you to a deeper understanding of your faith and help you to see what the aspects in which you need to study or grow.

When I first realized I loved my (now) husband, I knew that I wanted to pursue a real relationship with him.He wanted to have children and raise them to love the Lord. And one month after I was accepted into dental school, he proposed to me. He was cute, but sort of a jerk, until we met up again after my first year of college. Which in my unformed mind was sort of like being a Protestant. We would attend Mass with his family sometimes and attend church with mine on other days. Issues of where we would be married, and who would officiate our wedding, and how we would raise our children suddenly needed to be hashed out.That cute little Bobby was now Bob, and he was all grown up. For the first three years, we had a long distance relationship so church attendance was never really an issue. My not-so-Catholic fiancé started talking about things like having our marriage ‘recognized’ by the Church.

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  1. If you and your guy are both on the same page, then you will know that you have a good thing going and you will be able to have a better relationship as a result.

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