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Incredibly, though, many people have failed to recognize the true importance these jars played in our nation’s history.And believe me when I tell you, Ball jars are a quintessential part of American history and as much so as apple pie or ice cream.Imagine this: the Ball jar was at one time reviled by the vast majority of the collecting world as worthless and a complete waste of time, money, and energy. Well, coming from a 30-year perspective in the hobby, I can say simply a few things; 1) there are many more collectors now than ever before vying for the few good jars known to exist or being discovered.Yet a small group of collectors just happened to see the beauty, value, and future in collecting Ball jar, so much so that yes, amazingly, despite all the odds and over many years, Ball jars have now blossomed into one of the most highly sought after collectibles among jar hobbiests today. 2) Most of the highly sought after truly historical jars are out of reach financially for the vast majority of collectors.I truly consider myself a very fortunate and lucky person that I just happened to be one of those few collectors who recognized long ago the intrinsic value, beauty, and history of Ball jars when they were objects of disdain or simply overlooked by so many others.I’m so grateful I had the foresight to collect Ball jars because despite the fact many of the good ones in my early years were financially and geographically out of reach, I still managed to acquire a very small but desirable collection through knowledge, insight, persistence, patience, and hard work.

30, 1858 embossing continued at a high rate, with untold tens of millions (or more) produced.3) Most of the few prized historical jars are already in someone else’s collection.4) The few historical jars still left intact are not readily available for the average collector to even consider purchasing.One of the most common fruit jars ever produced is the lowly Ball jar.Historical figures show that from between Sept 1, 1894 until Dec 31, 1961, 41,256,856 Gross jars were produced by the Ball Glass Mfg Co.

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