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In recent years, several AMS labs have worked on modifications to the graphitisation and AMS measurement process for smaller samples containing .This involves demineralisation of either powdered bone or bone chunks using hydrochloric acid (HCl) followed by gelatinisation of the collagen in weakly acidic water and freeze-drying of the final extract.They will open the programme of the last competition day at Ondrej Nepela Ice Arena Ankara, Turkey, August 31, 2019.After an exciting group stage of the tournament reached its climax on Thursday night with the ‘big match’ between Turkey and Serbia, action at the CEV Euro Volley 2019 Women in Ankara resumes on Sunday with the 8th Finals.This resulted in lower collagen yields for the poorly preserved bones and in the case of R-EVA 548, the yield of these extracts was so low that the extracts were affected by C contamination to a large extent.

For the poorly preserved samples, demineralisation in HCl 0.5 M generally occurred after one day (4 °C). observed that one disadvantage of extracting collagen from solid chunks was the tendency for incomplete demineralisation, several extracts were demineralised in HCl 0.5 M for two days.Tests were performed on a set of eight archaeological bones ranging from 1% to 50,000–1,400 BP.Each bone was pretreated multiple times from starting weights of 37–100 mg bone material. However, many precious archaeological bones, such as human remains or Palaeolithic bone tools, are too small or valuable for extensive destructive sampling. The results reported here demonstrate that we are able to reproduce accurate radiocarbon dates from Bone is one of the most frequently radiocarbon-dated materials recovered from archaeological sites.

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Different labs vary in the strength of reagents used, the duration of treatments and the inclusion of further decontamination steps.

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