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), that he gave his apostles the authority to forgive sins (John ), that unless we eat the flesh of Jesus and drink his blood we have no life in us (John ). It helped because he had gone through the same journey himself.

Baptism and Communion became mere symbols, devoid of their supernatural power. Eastern Eurasian prehistory with a temporal and geographical focus on the Paleolithic of arid and high-altitude Central and Inner Asia, particularly Mongolia and Greater Tibet; Saharan North Africa. Paleoecology and the impact of environmental degradation on prehistoric societies in arid zones. Spatial analysis in archaeology, including applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems. (Florida & Arizona), Colombia, Belize, Philippines, Egypt, Sudan, People’s Republic of China (Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Gansu, & Ningxia), Việt Nam, Kazakhstan, Özbekiston, Türkmenistan, Russia (Siberia), Sherqiy Türkistan (Xinjiang), Mongolia, and Tibet (including Qinghai/Amdo and the Tibet Autonomous Region).It is, says Chesterton, “a mythology asserting that the elephant stands on a tortoise and the tortoise stands on nothing.” Secondly, there are the “Broad Churchmen” who are actually quite narrow, proposing to use only selections of the Bible in public, the rest being unsuitable.Thirdly, there are the Modernist scholars who accuse the Catholic Church of having done in “the midnight of the Dark Ages” what the Broad Churchmen are now doing: making arbitrary selections from the Bible and keeping back the rest from the people.

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But since we are this year observing the 500 anniversary of the Reformation, we may as well point out how Chesterton exactly identifies the problem that has plagued the Christian world for half a millennium.

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