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§ It would be foolish to dismiss the possibility that the huge buzz around 2012 was the reflection of a collective psychic event of some kind.

The question is, Did the discussions, speculations, and predictions about 2012 point to that event, or do they merely draw attention to themselves?

Foremost among the revelatory insights it affords is this one: Correction is a cosmic anomaly that allows the Aeonic Mother of the Anthropos to reset the experiment eleven minutes before the end of the Aeonic Day, rather than acting on protocol and waiting for the midnight hour of the Kalpa, 2216 CE.

Hence Anthropos-11 emerges under special and unprecedented conditions.

It seems that Arguelles simply attached a fantastic interpretation to known phenomenon of astronomical timing.

In when some of the population were teleported off the earth on that mysterious cosmic beam, and predicted that the same would happen for many people in 2012. I am not deeply enough involved in the debate around 2012 to know if Arguelles’ ideas are undergoing a revival, but I sense that others, a younger and more creatively inspired crowd, might have taken over his notions, and morphed them considerably.

From the outset, much of the material in this Course is specific to the timing and conditions of Kali Yuga, and there is a lot to be said on that topic.The study of the World Ages measured by the 26,000-year cycle of precession of the equinoxes is one of my specialties.I can confidently say that I rank among the few world-class experts on this arcane topic.And use the riddle to pose questions: How come the Aeons, existing outside of linear time, nevertheless use the frame of linear time to break down the development of an experiment into daily episodes, the Kalpas of 26,000 years of human time?Why does human potential decline in the course of a Kalpa?

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In other words, this study goes to the big picture, touching various facets of what can truly be called a cosmic riddle.