Dating neighbor

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Dating neighbor

It has a different meaning when you’re all grown up and living on your own.Still, you might find that you’ve met a girl next door (or down the hall as the case may be) that you want to pursue something with.If she says no at first, don’t be afraid to ask again.She might be busy, or she might be interested in you, but not the date idea.Remember that if things go badly you might be living next door to a very awkward situation. It’s a problem, much like a sour workplace romance, except this time you might have to move.However, on the other hand, you wouldn’t be the first guy to make a serious and meaningful connection with a neighbor. Flirting With a Neighbor Flirting with a neighbor can be easy.

That means that it’s easier to tell the cheaters from the good ones early in the relationship.After all, the two of you are going to come in contact with each other in a number of settings that naturally lend themselves to chatting and bantering.You can make her laugh and make her smile, engage in more challenging flirtation and move things into a more overtly sexual realm.All the chance encounters and their gorgeous smile may have lead you to consider dating your neighbor.But before you ask them out, you should weigh the pros and cons that come with getting involved with .

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Your neighbor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (unless their lease is up), which gives you time to get to know them as a friend before you start getting serious.