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Dating painter

Suddenly, someone sees something flashing in Helen’s bag. ” Ban says, as he puts his hand into the bag, and takes out a watch that is trimmed with fake diamonds. ” Judy receives the watch from Ban after seeing the situation. “It’s not me,” says Helen, who is still drawing on his notebook without raising his head a bit.

Helen is very surprised to see it, as he does not know how it got there. “Yeah right,” Judy leaves the classroom with Ban as she concludes.

The following day, as usual, Helen sits at his table drawing.

She notices that the atmosphere doesn't feel right around him; people start whispering about him, and even a few starts calling him a “Thief”.

At this rate, the feelings that he has been holding bursts out. Helen isn't that powerful however, so he was beaten up in no time. After the policemen arrive, they have an interview with Helen.

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Until one day, Ban came to him and snatched his notebook, with his unfinished drawings on it. ” “With you as the new target of victim, my life is much better.” Tom smirks. As long as he keeps silent he will be able to live his school life safe and sound. Helen grabs the collar of his shirt, and, after pushing each other around a bit, they ended up near the edge of the roof. Helen instantly grabs his hand, and tries to pull him back up, but Helen does not have that much strength to do so. Helen closes his eyes, scared to look at what’s going to happen.