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Dating posts mushroom hunting

If you plan on using them soon after harvest store in a cool, dry location. Refrigerators work great, but make sure your mushrooms are dry prior to storage.

Some people use food dehydrators to dry them for future use.

Some morel aficionados rinse them with cold water and spread them out on cookie sheets to freeze them individually.

They take them off the sheets and place them in an airtight container and place them in the freezer until they are ready to be used.

There are many factors that affect mushroom growth, and it is anybody’s guess as to when and where they will grow. If you are successful at foraging for morels, you’ll want to take proper care of them.

Check inside and out for insects, brush off the surface debris.

The morel season in Minnesota usually begins in April in Southern Minnesota and ends sometime in June in northern Minnesota, depending on the growing conditions.Some pickers claim a southern exposure that warms first in spring make great spots to find morels.Some successful mushroom hunters target burned areas or freshly logged areas.The thing about morel mushrooms is you can’t count on finding them using that date you marked on your calendar last year when they popped their beautiful tops. There are so many factors that go into where they will pop up from year to year such that you can rarely find morels in the exact spot you found them the season before which is what makes finding them such a treat! When there is a week or so with daytime temperatures in the 60’s and night time temperatures in the upper 40’s it is at this time the ground temperature reaches the low to mid 50’s which is the optimum growing condition for morels.Some rain to moisten the soil is required but it’s a myth that you need the sun to really “pop” them.

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