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Most Fire-King pieces were marked, but some were not marked. During these transitions more than one mark would be used. Moulds acquire cumulative layers of glass with each use until they are finally rendered useless and new moulds have to be made.

The following is a list of trademarks: Some pieces are marked only with an anchor and / or the words “HEAT PROOF” or “OVEN PROOF” . At that time, any new management decisions about how the new pieces ought to be marked will be implemented.

Yes, they are jade-ite, and yes they are made, in Brazil, by a company that owns the Fire-King name. The box is original and says Royal Chrome Sheffield Design Gourmet Ware. To get an idea of the approximate age of your piece, please see the table at the top of this page.

But most of what drives collectors toward vintage Fire-King made by the Anchor-Hocking company from the 1940’s through the seventies is nostalgia. After Market modifications generally add little to the value of a Fire-King piece.

I need info on odd pieces with a large F inside a shield. The “F-in-a-shield” is the mark of the Federal Glass Company. I also have mugs that have a small A inside a larger H. The “H -over- A” is the mark of the Hazel-Atlas glass company. Did the Federal Glass Company make Fire King or is this a totally different brand of glass? Thanks largely to Martha Stewart, the demand for Fire-King is huge, while equally useful glass from other companies just sits on store shelves. But, if you’re looking for an investment, start collecting Fire-King. Some of my square Jadite kitchen shakers are tall and some are short. What you have are either Jeannette or Mc Kee range shakers.First is this Anchor Hocking Fire king Loaf dish, I saw it at a GW I stopped at, and I loved the pink and red combination.I have never seen this pattern before and picked it up for .00. I got this Butterfly Gold set for .95, there was a couple of pieces that I had to throw out because they were chipped and discolored, other than that the rest are perfect!It means, literally, “made by Anchor-Hocking.” Nothing more. However, since Fire-King glass was developed well before microwave ovens were available for domestic use, none of the earlier pieces are marked “Microwave Safe.” Some Anchor-Hocking patterns not marketed as Fire-King are indeed made of the same “heat proof” borosilicate low expansion glass. We “nuke” our leftovers in blue Bubble flat soup bowls.“Fire-King”, also an Anchor-Hocking trademark, refers to items made with low-expansion borosilicate glass. All heat proof Anchor-Hocking glassware is Fire-King — marked or not*. Other non-Fire-King Anchor-Hocking patterns, such as Charm, ARE NOT heat proof.

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This mug is often mis-identified (and priced) as a Chocolate or Extra Heavy mug. “Jadite” is a generic term for jade green opaque glass and is used to describe similar lines from a number of different companies, including Anchor-Hocking’s Fire-King. When such a mold was used with an opaque slag, such as white, ivory or jade-ite, the backwards logo made less sense. I have a 2 qt Fire King casserole dish with a silver signature on the lid marked Georges Briard. According to “A Collector’s Guide to Anchor-Hocking’s Fire-King Glassware, volume 2,” Georges Briard is a fictitious name chosen by artist and glassware designer Jascha Broido and his friend Max Wille.

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