Dating staffordshire china dating in the 1930s

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Distinguishing Features: Distinctive painted underglaze colours. Subjects: Naval and military heros: Wellington, Waterloo 1815; Nelson, Trafalgar 1805.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, conquered most of Europe, represented good change in government with Napoleonic Code 1804 making the law fairer for working classes.

Two subjects remained popular throughout the entire period - lions and dogs.

A multitude of unknown small manufacturers produced most of the Staffordshire figures we see today. They echo the enthusiasm and taste of ordinary folk, during a time when life was vibrant, but in no way easy - many children died very young, and adults too - life expectancy for ordinary people was extremely low.

With the exception of Walton, marked pieces are rare. Within the genre are pieces to enhance almost any theme: plainly decorated pieces fit perfectly with the clean, minimalist look. A hutch of figures all sporting a similar colour scheme, may be chosen to co-ordinate with complimentary colors, in the surrounding space.

Staffordshire Pottery Figures resonate with social history. All manner of pieces are available to fit with mountain or country themes.

Curiously popular with the British public despite being the enemy.

Ordinary soldiers and sailors; royalty and other celebrities; scenes of smoking and drinking.

zoo animals or domestic, cats or dogs; spaniels or whippets; or they may limit themselves to oversize figures, or miniature; or by form e.g. Wet clay was pressed into molds and allowed to shrink dry a little for easy removal.Also known as Pearlware, Early, and Early 19th Century.Distinguishing Features: Characteristic blueish greenish greyish tinge to the white lead glaze; decorated all round; frequently open bases; often multiple molds.Collectors too, are spoiled for choice of direction.Some will focus on one particular period, maybe Pratt ware, or pre-Victorian.

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Finally gilt decoration of the best gold, old dull gilt variety, might occasionally be applied and fired for the last time at a low temperature.

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