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Dating stephy password

I say ‘god-awful bandana’ because this is the same bandana I used on Ty for a surprise birthday, and he HATED it. Also, if you’ve never been blindfolded, it really does suck.It is MUCH more fun being the one doing the blindfolding.However, just after a couple years in the industry, I took a big fat sharp left turn. He knew Tyler had yellow fever so he sent over my Instagram immediately; all the while I had no idea who he was.I really wanted to pursue blogging and influencing as my passion primarily laid there. Fast forward a few months, Tyler and I met at this same friend’s house.Like, it was literally on his dresser for what seemed like foreverrrr (it was really only like a month, but in girl years, a month is an eternity when you’re waiting).The Build-Up: Almost all of Tyler’s best buds/former teammates live in San Diego, so we drive down often. Well, I’d like to think I have a pretty strong intuitive gut; I pick up on small things very quickly when it comes to Ty.We did become social media friends however we would periodically chat via comments – nothing substantial.Fast forward another 5 months to December, my girlfriend and I were going to San Diego for NYE.

My first step out (in my 5” heels) was on gravely unpaved dirt.

We’d spoken about it but I mean, no moves were being made!

We went ring shopping and I had already chosen the ring I wanted, yet still, nothing.

HOWEVER, I also didn’t want to get ahead of myself and expect a proposal either.

All I did was remind myself how pissed I would be come 10pm when we’re driving back home to LA and I have a big fat on my left ring finger.

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I was in a crisis of trying to get some color on my pale skin before I left.