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The difference between them seems to be smaller than here (Germany), thus making a question like yours possible (I was actually confused upon first reading). I am currently in a committed relationship for over a year now, but am also basing this off of my parents' experience as well.Dating and "being in a relationship" are both about getting to know the person.

When you are in a relationship you can sleep over at your SO:s house for 5 days without thinking twice about it, you have lots of sex, you talk about absolutely everything, they meet your family, you go on trips together etcetera.Edit: May not have been the answer you were looking for but meh.I feel like it needed to be said because people stop "dating" after they begin a relationship.I still take her out on dates and try to impress her, and she does the same for me.I've known her for three years and everyday I'm trying to outdo the day before that.

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