Dating your real estate agent

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Dating your real estate agent

Besides using your own network, you can use tools such as Trulia’s Find an Agent Directory to find highly recommended agents who how crazy the Boston real estate market is, or have a special skill set (say, speaking a foreign language) to assist you in buying.Your agent’s personality should also be compatible with yours.You want to make sure this person is an expert at knowing how to land a home in your desired neighborhood. Your agent doesn’t just need to know the market valuations in Dallas, TX, they also need to know the valuations for each specific neighborhood, from Oak Lawn to Lakewood. A knowledgeable assistant can be invaluable, but you want to make sure you can connect regularly with your agent. Do you work full time or part time as a real estate agent? But if you expect them to respond to your queries in a timely manner, it’s worth asking how available they can be when you have questions or want to tour a property — especially if your schedule isn’t very flexible. How many home sales have you closed in my desired area? You want someone who has a proven track record of closing deals. It’s unfortunate when buyers and sellers get saddled with a self-involved agent who comes off as too busy to care, too arrogant to listen or too eager to coerce you into purchasing a home that you’re just not that into.Here are 10 questions to ask a potential real estate agent or broker. What percentage of your clients are sellers (versus buyers)? Hint: The busiest agents often are also the most efficient. And it doesn’t hurt to ask if they own their own homes: A Trulia Trends study shows that 85% of brokers and agents are homeowners. Insights from past customers can help you learn more about an agent and give you a greater comfort level.

Tell me about your dream house/the house you’re selling. “That’s huge,” says Allan, adding that she would never hire someone who was working a different day job.You need someone you’ll feel comfortable disagreeing with and that you can trust — remember that this person will become quite intimate with your home and finances. How many years of education and experience do you have? Well, a broker is usually someone who has pursued education beyond what’s required by state laws.Your ideal match will be an experienced professional who knows your market, acts ethically, answers all of your questions, addresses your concerns, and, perhaps most important, will listen to you and be your teammate throughout the entire process. You can check an agent’s certification with your state’s department of real estate. Experience and continuing education typically make for better agents. This person will probably have passed a broker’s license exam, which can indicate a commitment to real estate as a career — and to above-and-beyond customer service. Can you provide me with the names and phone numbers of past clients who have agreed to be references?Another sign you might have a dud of an agent on your hands is when he or she signs up for business, then immediately goes on vacation, says Ilyce Glink, a former realtor and author of Buy, Close, Move in! The relationship “really is a conversation,” Allan stresses.: How to Navigate the New World of Real Estate—Safely and Profitably—and End Up with the Home of Your Dreams. “Selling real estate isn’t a sales job, it’s much more of a management, customer-service job.

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“A lot of times they’re just machines snapping up every listing they can get and overpricing them so they don’t sell.” Photo Credit: Getty Images Acting disorganized or canceling and showing up late to appointments is unprofessional and sends the wrong message to everyone involved, says Glink.