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David deangelo interviews with dating gurus 58 interviews

date: author: starcompling The cute guys of Big Time Rush answer juicy questions!

Double Your Dating | Double Your Dating Interview Series David De Angelo - Interviews with Dating Gurus (58 Interviews.

Second, because I am sick to death of being hit on by guys using these kind of stupid techniques.

Learn the three most common marketing mistakes dating sites make:by David De Angelo.

Many men out there are looking for dating tips from many different sources, not just David Deangelo of Double Your Dating. Kristen Stewart Confirms She's Dating Rob Pattinson During GQ.

Some topics: Why internet dating gurus are frauds, why we humans are put on earth, my time in therapy and with Nathaniel Branden, my starting over at 35, distillation of the Steel Balls Philosophy and world view, why older men and younger women are the best match, changing hair and attire for success with women and life, easy methods of building self esteem, children of divorce, why women don’t want a six-pack or big muscles, politics-abortion-religion-gays-babies, why women TEST you all the time, lasting love, finding and maintaining a caring sharing romantic loving relationship, why women are into relationships and men are into success, workshops described and explained, why workshops are so successful, why love heals all, behaviorism, humanism, Freudianism, why my clients know WTF to do, which books are recommended and much much more. When you understand her you only need to know, on average, younger ones are worse in every way, better in none.

Funny TV comedian Jay Thomas had a radio show here in LA and had me on. The Ten Commandments of Meeting and Jay’s funny story about dating a woman who was too young for him. Origin of DYW, how Steele learned not to go to bars and to stop being ‘so nice’. The Gigantic difference between 20 year old and 24 year olds. The older ones are better in every way, worse in none. For each year past 21 her problem is reduced by twenty five percent.

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Difference betweeen Steele and others like Ross Jeffries patterns, lines, anchors, NLP in the approach. Female mammals choose which male they want, Homo sapiens courtship and mating is a rigid prescribed 200,000 year old system that cannot be overcome with pick up lines and NLP!

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