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Though her friends encourage her to forget about him, she has trouble doing that.Pedro, especially in the beginning of the season, still feels mad at her, but that soon passes.At the very beginning of Season 1, it is shown that Pedro is just a server in Delfina's eyes, and she doesn't show any signs of caring for him.

Augusta pēdējā nedēļas nogalē Rīgā, Lucavsalā, aizvadīts lielākais jaunrades notikums šovasar – inovāciju un tehnoloģiju festivāls " i NOVUSS ", kuru apmeklējuši 16 000 interesentu.

Delfina begins to notice little things about Pedro, and eventually asks him to be on her skating team.

In Season 2/Episode 01 it was shown how Delfina broke up with Pedro through a video because of a guy named Oliviero she met at the plane home from her vacation.

When Part 2 begins, Jazmín notices how Delfina and Pedro are when they are around each other.

Jazmín asks Delfina if she likes Pedro, which she denies nervously, indicating that she might be developing a crush on Pedro.

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As the season progresses, they start talking more, and start developing feelings once again.

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