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Direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium

An example of this application is to the evolution of the Earth's crust and Earth's mantle through geological time.

Lead has four stable isotopes - Pb with a half-life of ~53,000 years.

It has been observed that He is stored in the planet is under investigation, but it is associated with the mantle and is used as a marker of material of deep origin.

Due to similarities in helium and carbon in magma chemistry, outgassing of helium requires the loss of volatile components (water, carbon dioxide) from the mantle, which happens at depths of less than 60 km.

Rhenium undergoes radioactive decay to produce osmium.

The ratio of non-radiogenic osmium to radiogenic osmium throughout time varies.

Hence, during melting of the mantle, rhenium is stripped out, and prevents the osmium–osmium ratio from changing appreciably.

Uranium is well mixed in the ocean, and its decay produces Th can therefore provide a more complete insight into past circulation changes.

Tritium was released to the atmosphere during atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs.

However, He is transported to the surface primarily trapped in the crystal lattice of minerals within fluid inclusions.

Helium-4 is created by radiogenic production (by decay of uranium/thorium-series elements).

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Radioactive decay of tritium produces the noble gas helium-3.

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