Eve torres and grady powell are they dating

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The season started with the stars and the operatives meeting in a clearing where General Clark assigned the teams.

The first mission was called Amphibious Assault where the cast members would be dropped from a helicopter.

The final five competed in a special shootout where they competed simultaneously.

The first star would get to pick their Mission Four squad mates and the last person with an undamaged target would be eliminated.

Her charity was Military Child Education Coalition The finale consisted of two missions and a special shootout.

sniper Chris Kyle's pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and turns him into a legend.

Thanks ' Stars Earn Stripes' for helping to inspire another generation of retribution and devolved humanity.

Nick earned the fifth place prize for Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation.

Dean chose Eve to be his squad mate, thus Picabo and Todd were paired together.

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Quince earned a small amount for the ‘Got Your Six’ charity. The first squad consists of Todd and Laila with a finish time of .