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Comcast is also revisiting the training it provides to its representatives to make sure that customers are treated with respect, a company spokesperson told us. After sharing of my favourite sites to stream movies online in previous article, I would like to share sites where you will be able to stream music online, download single mp3 tracks or full albums.

Below are my best rated and absolutely free music sites.

The customer's first name is "Ricardo," but it was misspelled as "Asshole." A travel blog called Boarding Area has the story, and it appears to be genuine.

Comcast confirmed to Ars that it has apologized to the customer and that the company is looking into technology solutions to prevent future problems of this nature.

The move would fully embrace the principle known as net neutrality, and if enacted, would bring a new definition to the economics of the Internet industry: Rather than regulating broadband firms lightly, as has been its practice so far, the FCC would treat them like telecommunications companies and subject them to more intrusive regulation, especially in areas relating to how they manage traffic on their networks. Just when you thought the tales of Comcast's customer service couldn't get any worse...

well, let's just show you this picture: This is what appears to be an actual bill sent to a Comcast customer in Spokane, Washington.

MMX Racing is located in “Motocross City, USA” Marysville, CA on a 20 acre facility right next to the Yuba River. ************ THESE ARE NOT REGULARLY UPDATED, PLEASE CALL THE HOTLINE FOR MORE ACCURATE INFORMATION ************** Please call the hotline 530-419-5200 before you leave to check the current planning to walk away from its proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable Inc., people with knowledge of the matter said. The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that runs Wikipedia, is filing a lawsuit against the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), challenging the US government's mass surveillance programs.The nonprofit will be joined in its efforts by eight other organizations and is being represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).Municipal broadband operators in Tennessee and North Carolina petitioned the FCC to preempt state laws that prevent them from expanding to nearby communities that want Internet service.Wheeler plans to invoke the FCC's authority to remove barriers that prevent broadband investment and competition.

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When starting the bike, it takes a little/moderate throttle to get it going and it'll idle for 10-60 seconds before getting slower and finally dying.