Google sitelinks not updating

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Google sitelinks not updating

This uses JSON-LD to mark up the code in an efficient and readable way. When you use Yoast SEO, this has already been done for you.However, if you don’t have it installed, you’ll realize after reading this article that now is as good a time as any to install it.So after searching for the brand in Google, you can directly use the search engine of the online store or site where you want to look something up.The results will be presented on the search results page of the relevant site.However, you can prevent this behavior by add the following meta tag to your homepage: The sitelinks search box will be disabled as part of the normal Googlebot crawling and processing of the page, which can take a few weeks depending on the site and other factors.You must include the required properties for your content to be eligible for display as a rich result.Search users sometimes enter the brand name or URL of a known site or app, only to do a more detailed search once they reach their destination.For example, users searching for pizza pins on Pinterest would type Pinterest or into Google Search—either from the Google App or from their web browser—then load the site or Android app, and finally search for pizza.

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If you want – or need – to do it by hand, you can read up on canonical URL’s in our ultimate guide to rel=canonical.

When you have done all of this and Google deems your site eligible, you might eventually see something like the example above in the search results.

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Here is an example search result for "Pinterest" on Google that returns a sitelinks search box for the Pinterest website: Here is some example markup that would implement a sitelinks search box that uses the website's custom search engine: Here's an example of a site and an app in JSON-LD: In addition to structured data general guidelines, these additional guidelines apply to sitelinks search box markup.

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