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Home dating brussels

She remembers that relocating to a new city (and a new country) was not a simple matter.

In addition to the challenge of getting to know a new city, new neighbourhoods and new customs, she discovered that residential real estate in Brussels, though less expensive than in Paris, was handled quite differently, both in terms of administrative matters and market complexity.

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Je suis administrateur, n'hésitez pas à venir me parler si vous voulez me parler ou si vous voulez signaler un mauvais membre, dans les deux cas je suis à l'écoute!

je suis aussi présent pour des relations amicale dans le respect et la douceur!

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Equipped with a Master's Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship, Caroline founded the agency Home Dating Property Hunter and obtained an estate agent licence from Belgium's regulatory authority, the IPI (Institut Professionnel des agents Immobiliers).