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Further north you can enjoy speed dating in Leeds as well as speed dating in Sheffield, York speed dating and in the North East speed dating in Newcastle.

South West speed dates include speed dating in Exeter and speed dating in Plymouth nights while over in East Anglia we offer speed dating in Norwich.

Now, she’s planning the third installment for singles under 40 this Thursday, July 11, with another on the horizon in August for singles 40 and over.

Before White Star Market, local spots didn’t have anything like speed dating on the books.

The event consists of 11 rounds, if all the spots are filled.

Each round is seven minutes long, with about a minute in between for guests to record their notes.

Scotland speed dating is at Glasgow speed dating and speed dating in Edinburgh.

Wales has Cardiff speed dating so as you can see this is the widest selection of UK speed dating evenings on offer.

“But you’re going to have a good couple of hours meeting new people, and that’s really all it’s for—just to have fun with new people.” Keep an eye out for more speed dating events in the fall.Floyd says she’s hoping to host LGBT, Over 40 and Under 40 speed dating events in October, November and December. We arrange UK speeddating events in twenty six cities in England, Scotland and Wales.At the end of the night, participants will turn in their “rate your date” cards to Floyd, who will sort through them the following week.If you’re lucky enough to make a match, she’ll email you with your match’s email address. And a bit of advice from Floyd—come in with an open mind and be content to just meet new people.

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“And I don’t know, I just thought that it would be cool.” And she was right—the first Valentine’s Day edition sold out.

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