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Id for sex chat in wechat

Although the platforms are very different, We Chat actually is a real competition to Sina Weibo.

If Weibo is like an open market place where everyone can see what you say, We Chat is like a private living room where only the ones invited there have access to updates.

When talking to friends and saying things like ‘happy birthday’, ‘I miss you’, or ‘xoxo’, the screen will fill itself with falling hearts, stars or smilies. One does not only connect through We Chat by matching one’s address book or adding them by them ‘ID’, but when meeting someone who you want to add to your We Chat, you can simply let them scan your own QR-code.

We Chat Basic Functions: Amongst its millions of users, there are 100.000s of companies that have registered with We Chat.

In this sense, We Chat is very similar to Whatsapp, allowing users to transfer pictures, videos or speech, and enabling group chat.

It is noteworthy to say that, different from Whatsapp, We Chat’s voice message service is commonly used in China.

It has been successful in the social network market and online game industry.

Weixin was an instant hit; just over 400 days after its launch it already had 100 million users.

‘Weibo’ literally means ‘micro-blog’ and ‘Weixin’ literally means ‘micro-message’.With China’s mobile user market exceeding 750 million, Weixin only has more room to grow (Wang 2014, 3).The core function of We Chat is its messaging function: sending free messages to phone contacts that also use We Chat.Weibo’s heightened censorship and surveillance have made it harder for netizens to share and exchange information.The seemingly private environment of We Chat make it an attractive platform for users to share (personal) information.

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Like Whatsapp, We Chat allows users to send each other emoticons.