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Intimidating students

“I noted their concerns, discussed possible resolutions and assured the that these concerns would be addressed,” Coleman said in a email.

A second teacher also emailed the superintendent about Thursday’s fallout: “One of the students who was at the school board yesterday just came and told me he was put in a room …

We’ve all been in the company of someone who makes us feel on edge, uneasy or unsure of ourselves.The more emotional intelligence one has the easier it is to deal with intimidation from others.As a general rule, I have often found that the people I encounter who are aggressive, judgemental, miserable, rude or just plain horrid usually have a reason for being the way they are.asked questions and then asked to sign an affidavit about his complaints outside the presence of his parents. Coleman said she was not at these meetings, but a representative from the district’s personnel office was.“Several of the issues brought forward by the student required follow-up.

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