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Their iodine status improved dramatically within one year after the introduction of compulsory iodization in 2001.UNICEF supported the national Iodene Deficiency Disease (IDD) Network for South Africa through the funding of Kiwanis International and USAID.

Evidence of improved outcomes from the iodisation of table salt was seen in primary school children in four communities of the Western and Eastern Cape provinces.Have you ever wanted to get free apps, music, videos or i Books from Apple without a credit card?Maybe you’ve purchased a i Pad, i Pod Touch or i Phone for a child, grandchild, niece, nephew or for anyone that dosen’t have a credit card.Removing the unwanted apps from your i Pad is not only an effective way to free up space but also a good way to speed up your slow i Pad.Just find the app you want to delete, long press on the app icon until a “X” appears, tap on it to delete the app.


This is about 25 % of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for 10 year olds and up.