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But loli does not do this because it isn't real kids. Anyone with half a brain can see that the countries that have legalized the stuff (and made it ACCESSIBLE) have lower child sex-crime rates than do countries without it. However loli made available before said law was established is still legal for viewing in private. Other words, you have to remove it from a publically accessible source (internet, and the market) but if it's available at a personal source (PC, magazine, piece of paper) then you can view it all you want, it's just illegal to share it. I don't see how it's much of a problem, there are no children harmed but I can understand that it may tempt future paedophiles to commiting certain indecent acts such as downloading kiddie porn or even fiddling a kiddie. Legal status in the United Kingdom Non-photographic images of children have never been illegal in the United Kingdom, and on 23 November 2006, Vernon Coaker, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, stated that "Although cartoons depicting child abuse are deeply offensive, they do not in themselves constitute abuse of a child. Small communities grew throughout Tokyo, an industry sprouted up to accommodate demand, and pretty soon, Lolita fashion became renowned beyond the streets of Harajuku.So, when we found a group of young women in Amsterdam who get together to dress up in Lolita gear, we weren't all that surprised., the controversial 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov that tells the story of an adult man's relationship with a sexually provocative 12-year-old "nymphet." You're also likely familiar with the Tokyo-born style subculture of the same name that consists of ruffled petticoats, lace hair bows, and pink parasols.And, if you're not part of that scene, you've probably conflated the two.In January 2003, after serving that sentence and while on supervised release for his earlier conviction, Whorley was re-arrested for violating the conditions of his probation. Whorley subsequently pled guilty to violating the conditions of his release and was sentenced to an additional 12 months of incarceration to be followed by 12 months of supervision by the United States Probation Office.

Anyway the guy that got put away for 20 years, it was really for the downloading of kids having sex, he would of gotten 20 years without having loli on his computer. He was the first person convicted under the 2003 PROTECT act for life-like virtual child pornography. Newswire/ -- Dwight Whorley, 52, of Richmond, Virginia has been sentenced to 240 months imprisonment on child pornography charges, Acting Deputy Attorney General and United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Paul J. The 2003 Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the Exploitation of Children Today act (PROTECT - Public Law 108-21), defines computer images that are indistinguishable from real children engaging in sexually explicit conduct as child pornography, while simple drawings which are easily distinguishable from real children are not considered child pornography. Mc Nulty and Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Alice S. Whorley was convicted on November 30, 2005, after a four-day jury trial, of using a public computer at a Virginia Employment Commission ("VEC") office on March 30, 2004, to receive 20 obscene Japanese anime cartoons that graphically depicted prepubescent female children being forced to engage in sexual intercourse with adult males. The individual, who was already on probation for a previous child pornography conviction, used a computer at the Virginia Employment Commission to download anime-child pornography and digital photographs of real children engaged in sexually explicit acts. His conviction found him guilty of numerous charges related to both the "virtual" child pornography and the real child pornography.

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