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Makita battery pack dating

For some reason he’s got heck of a lot of these cells on hand, at the end of the video he shows off a massive block of them that provides one half of a kilowatt-hour of power.To complete the resurrection he removed the control circuitry from the integrated PCB. First you check the voltage of your drained battery by a test multimeter.

For Makita battery compatible, plug a not full charged compatible battery into Makita charger, it is charging if the charging light change frome green to red, otherwise incompatible with the charger.Here are some common questions collection about Makita battery charger problems, I think you will find valuable if you are using Makita power tools. When your Makita battery charger or battery is not working, one way is that returning it to the place you purchased it. Video from Well Done Tips When Makita charger flashing red and green, that’s mean that the battery is broken, will not charge at all.[Rob] grew tired of his Makita power tool battery packs dying so he figured out how to repair them himself.

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It seems that the microcontroller on the battery’s PCB monitors it and bricks them when it thinks the life of the unit has ended.