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I wish there was a list of where we could find their names and their MO...She is now lost everything and is going to have to move in with her son..had everything because the dating site would not do anything after we emailed them and told what happen they allowed it to take place..I didn't have no money to give and told them this.One is still trying to talk tome Did u get it solved I hope u didn't send more I was scammed out of 100,000 and I found out that is was just a scam now this guy claims he needs money and bugging me and they are Nigerians trying to con woman into sending money My mother managed to lose close to 0,000 in a scam exactly like this.People are just stupid to think that they could find someone, but when they want large numbers in cash to save them.. Of those nine separate contacts, six turned out to be scams.

luckily i didnt have any money to give him so none was sent but then he told me his captain cld transfer money into a bank account if i opened one and i just had to transfer it to the nato headquarters which i found out was sum place in africa he told me he was deployed in syria .stupidly i transferred the money and funny enough one week later he told me hed been given a special assignment and didnt know when he wld be home im still talkking to him as im tryin to get this investigated Something like what you are saying rings true for a couple of military (suppose ) had tried to get me send money for their transfer papers and they would give it back plus more when they got home.They are out there big time and around valentines day when peope are at there weakest.I was on a dating site advertised on tv thought it would be safe, we went from chatting there for awhile to more private on Facebook IM. Well then he need to pay for some accident and then he needed a ticket from London, he talked my brother into sending him the money, saying he would be Valentine's day and return every penny.I've talked with several people who have lost a ton of money to this kind of scam and what they had in common was they mentioned they had lost their spouse. the most popular date site has alot of theses scammers.One contacted me, said he was from area but working for private firm in Nigeria, email #3 bad luck, was in a wreck and need help, fortunatly i caught on quick something was wrong when i told him to go to embassy for help.

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next day he was off the site with at least that name.