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Open sexsite

The newspaper lost the case and was forced to make a grov- elling apology.

But the irony was that the paper had fingered the wrong man.

However at the outbreak of the second world war Lady Mountbatten’s attitude changed noticeably and she acquired a fresh purpose in life and devoted her considerable intelligence and energy to wartime service.

But it was a well established fact among those in high society that Lady Mountbatten enjoyed several affairs.

Lady Mountbatten, who was politically astute and no mere social ornament, lobbied strongly for her lover Nehru’s causes and would communicate her feelings back to her influential friends in London.

This was a time when newspapers rarely reported extra- marital affairs and it was generally accepted that, if discretion was used, all sorts of relationships (often with both sexes) would be tolerated.

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Edwina stated on oath that she had never met Robeson and Lord Mountbat- ten swore that his wife had never been exiled on the orders of Buckingham Palace.

He had been in Malta because he was serving there as an officer in the Royal Navy.

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It concerns one of the leading hostesses in the country – a woman highly connected and immensely rich.

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