Oprah winfrey who is she dating

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Oprah winfrey who is she dating

This powerhouse pair has been together for over thirty years now, and despite the constant barrage of rumors and speculation, they appear to be happier and stronger than ever. It's hard to tell with these two because they are so incredibly quiet about their off-camera lives.Here are twenty little-known details about Oprah and Stedman's relationship.Her recent Golden Globes speech even made people think that this idea was far more than a fantasy.One of her greatest supporters is her longtime partner; he has said for years that Oprah would make a phenomenal leader for our country.Hollywood couples often find that their relationships are an open book for prying fans.When someone lives their life in the spotlight, nothing is private any longer.She decided no, things would ultimately be the same, so she continued to listen to her heart and her gut and stick with the status quo.You wouldn't guess it from his lifestyle of spending three decades with a woman whom he will never marry, but Stedman is a traditional guy at his very core.

She has not exactly put the idea to rest and she has a whole lot of support behind the possible movement.He recently told the , they currently own at least eight residences and maybe more!The couple primarily calls California home and has two abodes there in Montecito.Some celebrities know that this type of thing is par for the course; they even welcome putting their personal lives on display.Others fight the invasion tooth and nail, doing whatever they can to keep inquiring minds at bay.

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Merely looking at the pair didn't make sense to a lot of people on the outside, but it sure made sense to Oprah and Stedman.

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