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The definitions are based on my understanding of the terms and may differ from others opinions.If you disagree with a definition or have additional definitions to submit please email me at [email protected] Content on Inventory is copyright-protected and is not available for republication.A standard allocation is an aggregate quantity of demand against a specific item in a specific facility, I have heard standard allocations referred to as normal allocations, soft allocations, soft commitments, regular allocations.Standard allocations do not specify that specific units will go to specific orders.The benefits to an using an ASP are lower upfront costs, quicker implementations, and the reduction of the need for internal IS personnel and mainframe/server hardware.It is hoped that ASPs will allow small to midsize businesses greater access to technology than was previously available.Automated guided vehicle (AGV) More info on) More info on Automated Equipment Picss Page Page. More info on Automated Equipment Pics Page.—"autonomous" implies the ability to take some actions without having outside direction.

Guidance system may consist of a wire embedded in the floor, optical system or other types of guidance.

Availability calculations are used to determine this status.

Availability calculations vary from system to system but basically subtract any current allocations of holds on inventory from the current on-hand balance.

ASNs will often include PO numbers, SKU numbers, lot numbers, quantity, pallet or container number, carton number.

ASNs may be paper-based, however, electronic notification is preferred.

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An example of an availability calculation would be: [Quantity Available] = [Quantity On Hand] -[ Quantity On Hold] - [Quantity Allocated To Sales Orders] - [Quantity Allocated to Production Orders].

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