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Caleb loves finding out what the activity is for that day. Monday: Make a Grass Head While our pots dried, we went outside to make our "head".I bought some really cheap knee high stockings at the dollar store.This is our version of “cabin-fever,” too hot to go outside unless there is some kind of water involved, and staying inside is making everyone a little stir-crazy.With a few years of motherhood under my belt and my sanity in question, I started on a quest to cure hot weather boredom and discovered the wonderful idea of playdates.Sometimes you find the people that you didn’t expect to have a connection with, parent similar to you and make playdating go much smoother. They didn’t allow shoes to be worn inside their house. She could not concentrate on playing and felt the need to walk over to the front door every few minutes to make sure her shoes were still there. I was able to explain how rules are followed and some rules are at our house and other rules are at different locations. Playdates can happen at any age as long as you plan accordingly.This was a great set-up for learning rules at preschool. I remember a time when my baby was 8-months old and I set-up a time to meet with a friend and her baby.When finding friends for your little one to have playdates with, be open to personalities but conscious of how the children are parented.

As soon as I heard my toddler dragging her toy box from room to room with the toys slowing spilling on the ground, I knew summer in Arizona had officially set-in.I originally thought my toddler was too young for playdates with other children her age.Not only was I (thankfully) wrong, it turns out playdating is great for young children’s development.You may be the first of your friends to have kids or maybe the last.Maybe everyone else is back to work and you are just starting your maternity leave. Here are some great tips for picking up other mommy friends: Remember that most moms are as desperate to meet you, as you are to meet them.

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A child explores and makes sense of the world around her through play.