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Enjoy with is the famous Portuguese custard tart: small, round and very crisp puff-pastry cases filled with egg custard and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.The tart originated in the Jerónimos monastery in the Santa Maria de Belém area of Lisbon, where the monks used egg whites to starch their clothes and the leftover egg yolks to make cakes and pastries.It’s made from unpasteurised ewes milk up in the mountainous region of Serra da Estrela in the Beira region of Portugal during the winter months and uses thistle to coagulate the milk. When it’s young it’s so creamy that you can almost spoon it out of the rind; when it’s older you can slice it. They’re eaten, fresh from the Atlantic ocean, all over Portugal all year but especially in the summer.There’s even a sardine festival in Lisbon every year on the feast day of St Anthony 13 June, when the whole city is filled with the sound of song and celebration and the smell of grilling sardines.Most people in Portugal eat it in some form at least once a week.Each region has its own version; some say there are 365 different recipes, one for every day of the year, while others say there are more than a thousand different ways to cook it.The resulting sweet tasting and moist pork may be braised, chargrilled, pickled, or put into soups and breads but the king of all Portuguese pork dishes is roast suckling pig or.You’ll find it on the menu all over Portugal but the region of Bairrada in central Portugal is best known for this speciality.

This is all put into the , various other bits of animal – perhaps a pig’s ear or a pig’s foot­ – with some potatoes, carrots and cabbage thrown in for good measure. You can buy it as take-away from tiny ‘shops’ on the sides of the road all over Portugal.

The Portuguese have been eating it since the 16th century when their fishing boats brought it back from Newfoundland.

It’s so popular that or ‘faithful friend’, the locals sing about it in folk songs, and it’s become the national dish of Portugal.

Here are just a few of them: baked with cream ( originated from the Minho province of northern Portugal and is a heart-warming green soup traditionally made with just five ingredients: mashed potato, onion, kale (a type of cabbage), olive oil and a sausage, like in which it’s cooked.

The Moors from north Africa introduced the dish to Portugal back in the 8th century and the dish is now considered a classic dish of the Algarve.

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