Republican intimidating voters postdating cheques

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Republican intimidating voters

(There’s a Wikipedia page and everything.) It created enough of a stir that the RNC entered into a consent decree the following year in which it promised not to use such tactics for 35 years.

The consent decree lapsed in 2017 and the DNC went to court to try to get it extended but lost. Whether they’d dare do that in an age of ubiquitous smartphones and social media, when evidence of the “Ballot Security Task Force” staring down black voters in line to vote could and would be streamed in real-time on Election Day, is a separate question. The most newsworthy soundbite from her in the media yesterday wasn’t this, by the way, it was her answer to the Times when asked if she’d agree to be VP if asked. So in saying you’re open to other opportunities, that includes any potential selection for vice president?

There has, traditionally, been an important role for the Feds on Election Day: enforcement of the Voting Rights Act in places where minority voters have historically struggled to exercise the franchise.

The evisceration of the VRA by the Supreme Court in the 2013 decision has liberated election officials in the mostly Republican South and elsewhere to do everything in their power to discourage robust minority voting.

The hard truth for her is that she’s not an obvious pick for any member of the top tier.

Her best pairing, I think, would be with someone like Buttigieg or Beto, running as part of a “youth” ticket where you wouldn’t need to worry that the president won’t make it through a full term.

Abrams is aiming to land on the ticket as an appointee, not as the choice of Democratic voters.

I think the last person to pull that off was Sargent Shriver, George Mc Govern’s VP in 1972, although Shriver had served as ambassador to France and as head of the Peace Corps so he’d had some nominal federal duties before he was named.

Law Enforcement has been strongly notified to watch closely for any ILLEGAL VOTING which may take place in Tuesday’s Election (or Early Voting). Trump (@real Donald Trump) November 5, 2018 This is rather absurd on its face, since it’s not clear what he means by “law enforcement,” given his lack of authority over the state and local personnel mostly responsible for election administration.

Anyone caught will be subject to the Maximum Criminal Penalties allowed by law. And how does Trump know that state and local prosecutors would pursue Maximum Criminal Penalties for illegal voting?

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