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It was a whirlwind romance and after getting engaged two years later, they married in Malibu in The pair are rumoured to have hit the rocks in Septemberaround the time Brad began filming Mr and Mrs Smith with Angelina.Contributed Anonymously: R&B stud Tank talks to Jawn Murray in the “BV Buzz” about the rumors that he is dating Robin Givens.It appears that one of those side pieces, Zena Foster, managed to get herself pregnant by him and she made sure the world knew it by sending the baby picture to Celebrity Babies blog.A woman will do this for several reasons, one of which is the man told her she was a side piece and she can't accept it because she convinced herself that she was the main one. Foster is not his girlfriend, she simply "gave herself the title" but he spent New Year's Eve with his main woman ([pictured above) and the two even went to church together that same night. But what I really wanted to do was create a character that lets you see different layers and different colors and shades and her imperfections, and give her a sense of humor. Sometimes you can have, “Oh, that’s an affluent black person; so that person behaves like this.” And I like tearing that up completely." data-reactid="26"I was doing “The Fix” and “Riverdale” when I got asked to read for this, and I was like, “No, I’m good.I’m trying to learn lines for ‘The Fix.’” And once I read “Ambitions,” I was like, “Oh, wow, no one can do this better than me.” At face value, Stephanie is incredibly powerful. Having had time to step away has helped me, however hectic it is, be balanced." data-reactid="28"I really took some time away with my kids and concentrated on them, and being a mom.

Plus, get updates on Brownstone, Leela James, The Clark Sisters and Busta Rhymes. Robin Givens’ breakout role came in the 1986-91 sitcom “Head of the Class.” Since then, she’s established herself as one of the most prolific actresses on television.That trajectory has continued into this year, with Givens playing a slew of what she calls “badass women” in shows such as “Riverdale” and “The Fix,” including her role as ferocious lawyer Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster in OWN’s “Ambitions.” Givens has also declared herself “ground zero” of the #Me Too movement, having publicly revealed her experience with domestic violence at the hands of former husband and heavyweight champion Mike Tyson back in 1988." data-reactid="19"Robin Givens’ breakout role came in the 1986-91 sitcom “Head of the Class.” Since then, she’s established herself as one of the most prolific actresses on television.Yesterday I posted a cute baby picture of the newest addition to Tank's growing family.I say "growing family" because it has come to my attention that Tank has spawn everywhere from several side pieces.

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He appeared to struggle moving on, and in November ofhe told Vanity Fair: Wire Image Moving on in Brad reportedly had a brief romance with Jitka as they were spotted on several occasions at his Hollywood home.