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Roissy dating market value

Girls, you may take this quiz for your boyfriends to see if you are slumming it or about to be cheated on.1. under 25 years old: 0 points 26-34 years old: 1 point 35-45 years old: 0 points 45 years old: -1 point2. under 5’9″: -1 point 5’9″ to 5’11″: 0 points 6′ to 6’4″: 1 point over 6’4″: 0 points3. Have you ever played a leading role in a team sport? It’s a safe assumption that most people know a high status job when they see it.)High status : -1 point11. 0 to 3: -1 point 4 to 20: 0 points over 20: 1 point12. Within the past month: 1 point Between one month and one year ago: 0 points Over one year ago: -1 point14. None: -1 point A few have: 0 points Nearly everyone who knows me: 1 point15. Under 85: -1 point 85 to 110: 0 points 110 to 130: 1 point 130 to 145: 0 points over 145: -1 point16.

The scoring breaks down as follows:-26: Why are you still alive?

The lower the number, the more likely you will find yourself surrounded by cats. It slightly enhances my looks: 0 points I look like a different woman with makeup: -1 point I’m a natural beauty. Since so much of a woman’s dating market value resides in the appeal of her face, I have chosen to examine some traits in finer detail. Your heterosexual male friends who would sleep with you given the chance. Small: 1 point Average: 0 points Large: -1 point21. Small: 1 point Average: 0 points Large: -1 point22.

Unlike the male version of this test, here I have added a sliding scale to some of the questions because this better reflects the outsized importance that certain factors have on a woman’s total sexual value. My morning face looks the same as my evening face: 1 point3. (This relates tangentially to your ability to connect emotionally with a man.)Under 85: -1 point 85 to 100: 0 points 101 to 120: 1 point 121 to 145: 0 points Over 145: -1 point*****The following ten questions deal with the physical attractiveness of your body.4. Flat: -1 point Round and fleshy: 1 point Round, fleshy, and firm: 2 points Flat and saggy: -2 points Just average: 0 points8. Cutting board flat: 1 point Slight pouch: 0 points Muffin top: -1 point Flabby beer gut and fupa: -10 points9. Very toned, I can see my triceps: 1 point Average, not flabby: 0 points If I hold my arm out, I can wobble the fat underneath my upper arm: -1 point10. Delicate piano fingers, proportionally small: 1 point Average size: 0 points Manhands: -1 point11. My head and pubic area only: 1 point I have to shave my legs daily and wax my bushy eyebrows: 0 points I have dark forearm hair and a mustache: -1 point Nipples, asscrack, and that giant mole on my back: -2 points12. The scoring of female BMI varies somewhat from that of male BMI because aesthetics, not just general health, have to be taken into consideration.)under 14.1: -10 points 14.1 to 15.0: -5 points 15.1 to 16.5: 0 points 16.6 to 17.4: 3 points 17.5 to 21.0: 10 points 21.1 to 23.0: 3 points 23.1 to 24.5: 0 points 24.6 to 28.0: -5 points 28.1 to 33.0: -10 points over 33.0: stop taking this quiz. To illustrate how very subtle changes in facial characteristics can mean the difference between beautiful and ugly, look at these two photos: I do not even have to label these photos because almost all my readers viewing them, men and women, will instinctively know which is the hot girl and which is not. Instead, put your pic up on hotornot and check back in a week. In proportion to the size of your face, are your eyes: Large and saucer-like: 1 point Normal-sized: 0 points Small and beady: -1 point23.

I approach someone first almost every time: 1 point I occasionally approach first: 0 points Someone normally approaches me first: -1 point17. Later in the night she leans in and begins making out with you passionately. And finally, the critical thinking portion of the quiz. (C) say “OK, who brought their little sister to the bar!

Have you ever been in a serious fight where real punches were thrown and you felt like you wanted to kill your opponent(s)? You’re chatting up a pretty girl you just met in a bar. You feel like a king and your jeans suddenly feel much tighter. (B) continue making out with her for as long as she wishes. The following questions are based on the progression of a single pickup attempt.23. Twenty feet away are a pretty girl, a fat girl, and an average guy talking amongst themselves. In reponse, you:(A) eye flirt back and forth a few times before approaching 20 minutes later. (C) everyone.(A): -1 point (B): 0 points (C): 1 point25.

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Here is a system for determining your dating market value if you are a man.

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