Rosamund pike dating pierce brosnan

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but my gut which is rarely wrong is telling me she will be a traitor to MI6 and Jinx will find this out and reveal it to Bond.I say this because I saw in the press conference Berry saying that Jinx will help Bond uncover a traitor!I'm not sure about this, but I think a few people may have interpreted his comment as having a go at Pike or something. I said in an earlier post above that I think she is drop-dead gorgeous. I live in a country FULL of beautiful oriental ladies, all with smiles.It's very frustrating, but my wife keeps me on the straight and narrow. What Blofelds Cat isn't mentioning is that he has quite a thing for Asian women.

Personal life Rosamund, in addition to her native English, is fluent in two languages – German and French. From 1997 to 2003 she dated actor Simon Woods and in 2004 artist John Henry was her partner.Later she starred in the film Love in a Cold Climate based on Nancy Mitford’s work.In 2001, the actress completed her studies and concentrated on her acting career.Shortly before graduation, she played with Tom Courtenay and Albert Finney in the television movie A Rather English Marriage.She played in the local theater, the famous Oxford Playhouse – in plays by Stephen Jeffreys The Libertine and Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.

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I say this because I saw in the press conference Berry saying that Jinx will help Bond uncover a traitor! 8-)Anyway, Rosemund Pike is drop-dead gorgeous, and if James Page wants to fight over her, its dueling pistols at 20 paces. Dave BTW, with this news about Pike playing an MI6 agent remember in Moonraker Gala Brand was undercover.

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