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They’re unhappy, far from their roots and their families.

They’re living against the backdrop of the civil rights movement — they can the March on Washington in 1963 from their home — but it, and any hope for resolution, seems extraordinarily far away, as if it’s in another world. And the ACLU would like to represent them for free.

Ruth Negga plays Mildred, and the pair turn in two of the finest, most understated performances of the year.

The Lovings are people of few words, so Edgerton and Negga make every look, every gesture, every intonation count.

He takes in the news, thinks about it, and tells her with a smile that it’s "good." We already know why she’s hesitant — not because they’re unmarried, but because she’s black and he’s white.

But soon they make plans to drive to the District of Columbia, where interracial marriage is legal, and marry.

But was he referring to the supposed wedding, some fans wondered.

But this is a unique situation since they both work on the show, and are/were in a relationship, it could have some bearing on the show so we will let it stay up.

I feel sorry for them :( This reminds me of Michael C. They were married then divorced but somehow still managed to work together although it must be tough to work with your ex.

Preacher is an American television series developed by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin for AMC starring Dominic Cooper.

Raised in Limerick, Ireland, she has lived in London since 2006.

Negga has been in a relationship with actor Dominic Cooper since 2010 and lives in London. He has worked in television, film, theatre and radio including Mamma Mia!

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They're professionals, though, so I don't expect it to affect the show any.

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